Lord of the Rings puzzle. Off Jackson and 65th or meet at AB. I can also meet or drop off while out around town. I will answer valid questions that are not already stated and will give a 6 hour hold once I have answered. After that, I will go to next in line.
2 Discs, GUC, NS, Meets Target on Bayou or PPU off Bayou Blvd
Euc PLEASE READ! *Ppu is off of blue angel near saufley field *AB meet, but please ask first *Sunday meets in pace around 230 but please ask first as well *WATCHERS:Most of my items go to weekly online auctions so there is a high chance that they will be gone very soon After posting. *ALL items are crossposted and subject to pending quickly. *INTERESTED BUTTON means SOLD for me. Please do not p...
Meets are some ab and ppu off kingsfield road
PPU off West Nine Mile rd. Off Ashland
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