Only 1 bottle out of 4 storage bottle missing, and plastic bag for breast milk storage, and I included 3 Medela storage container.
Medela in style advanced breast pump with tubing and 2 complete sets of bottles (2 5oz and 2 2&1/2oz bottles) shields, connectors, membranes, valves, and bottle tops. Great condition, every piece sterilized.
Working breast pump, medela hands free nursing bra(you can walk around while pumping) 4 small Medela bottles, 1 medium medela bottle, and 8 tall medela bottles, lids, nipples, and much more. Would love to give to a mother in need before selling! Msg for meets or ppu
Selling for my grandmother so might not be avail same day ppu or meet Please be ready to schedule ppu or meet immediately Hitting interested = SOLD Hi I m Christina! HOLDS valid for 3 hours All items cross listed PPU $10 and under > scenic heights (9th/Creighton) 2/3 Mins from Creighton Walmart Ppu also avail for this item at my moms house off 9 mile and pine forest Meet locations: Cordova mall...
* everything is new, it also comes with the tote. ** retails for $299 *** PPU is five minutes from navy federal on 9 mile road
Like new medela breast pump and accessories *All items come from a smoke free, dog (one) friendly home *PPU West Pensacola or PM from my work off of Airport *Bundle deals given *Interested button means SOLD! *Must be picked up within 7 days
Pumping pal flanges help with the comfort of pumping. Instead of tugging on the nipple it does the whole breast just like nursing infant. You can go to pumpingpal website and watch the video to get more information. This set is S,M,L. They go for $40.