selling for my mom so might not be avail same day ppu or meet Please be ready to schedule ppu or meet immediately Hitting interested = SOLD Hi I m Christina! HOLDS valid for 3 hours All items cross listed PPU $10 and under > scenic heights (9th/Creighton) 2/3 Mins from Creighton Walmart Ppu also avail for this item at my moms house off 9 mile and pine forest Meet locations: Cordova mall, Ross D...
Size 12 months wonder kids vguc Meets Ab Ppu off 9 mile winndixie 9 mile
23 big ones and 4 small ones See pics for sizing Some new never used Only 1 duplicate (monster mutt) PPU Scenic Heights Cross posted
We lost the remote to the truck but my son still played with it, just pushing it around.